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Liu X, Li B, Wang S, Zhang E, Schultz M, Touma M, Monteiro Da Rocha A, Evans SM, Eichmann A, Herron T, Chen R, Xiong D, Jaworski A, Weiss S, Si MS
Stromal cell-Slit3/cardiomyocyte-Robo1 axis regulates pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy.
Circ Res 134(7):913-930


Curran BM, Nickerson KR, Yung AR, Goodrich LV, Jaworski A, Tessier-Lavigne M, Ma L
Control of T-shaped bifurcation by multiple guidance mechanisms during dorsal funiculus development in the spinal cord.
bioRxiv 10.1101/2023.11.17.567638

ickerson KR, Tom I, Cortes E, Abolafia JR, Ozkan E, Gonzalez LC, Jaworski A
WFIKKN2 is a bifunctional axon guidance cue that signals through divergent DCC family receptors.
bioRxiv 10.1101/2023.06.15.544950

Dominov JA, Madigan LA, Whitt JP, Rademacher KL, Webster KM, Zhang H, Banno H, Tang S, Zhang Y, Wightman N, Shychuck EM, Page J, Weiss A, Kelly K, Kucukural A, Brodsky MH, Jaworski A, Fallon JR, Lipscombe D, Brown RH
Up-regulation of cholesterol synthesis pathways and limited neurodegeneration in a knock-in Sod1 mutant mouse model of ALS.
bioRxiv 10.1101/2023.05.05.539444


Wang S, Huang S, Johnson S, Rosin V, Lee J, Colomb E, Witt R, Jaworski A, Weiss SJ, Si MS
Tissue-specific angiogenic and invasive properties of human neonatal thymus and bone MSCs: role of SLIT3-ROBO1.
Stem Cells Transl Med 9(9):1102-1113

Pak JS*, DeLoughery ZJ*, Wang J, Acharya N, Park Y, Jaworski A#, Ozkan E#
NELL2-Robo3 complex structure reveals mechanisms of receptor activation for axon guidance.
Nat Commun 11:1489
*Equal contribution. #Co-corresponding authors.

Suter TACS, Blagburn SV, Fisher SE, Anderson-Keightly HM, D’Elia KP, Jaworski A
TAG-1 multifunctionality coordinates neuronal migration, axon guidance, and fasciculation.
Cell Rep 30(4):1164-1177


Suter TACS, Jaworski A
Cell migration and axon guidance at the boundary between central and peripheral nervous system.
Science 365(6456):881

Tulloch AJ*, Teo S*, Carvajal BV, Tessier-Lavigne M, Jaworski A
Diverse spinal commissural neuron populations revealed by fate mapping and molecular profiling using a novel Robo3-Cre mouse. J Comp Neurol 527(18):2948-2972
*Equal contribution.

Taroc EZM, Lin JM, Tulloch AJ, Jaworski A, Forni PE
GnRH-1 neural migration from the nose to the brain is independent from Slit2, Robo3 and NELL2 signaling.
Front Cell Neurosci 13:70


Suter TACS*, DeLoughery ZJ*, Jaworski A
Meninges-derived cues control axon guidance.
Dev Biol 430(1):1-10
*Equal contribution.


Jaworski A#, Tom I, Tong RK, Gildea HK, Koch AW, Gonzalez LC, Tessier-Lavigne M#
Operational redundancy in axon guidance through the multifunctional receptor Robo3 and its ligand NELL2.
Science 350(6263):961-965
#Co-corresponding authors.


Olsen O, Kallop D, McLaughlin T, Huntwork-Rodriguez S, Wu Z, Duggan CD, Simon DJ, Lu Y, Easley-Neal C, Takeda K, Hass PE, Jaworski A, O’Leary DD, Weimer RM, Tessier-Lavigne M
Genetic analysis reveals that Amyloid Precursor Protein and Death Receptor 6 function in the same pathway to control axonal pruning independent of beta-secretase.
J Neurosci 34(19):6438-6447
Zhang B, Xiao W, Qiu H, Zhang F, Moniz, HA, Jaworski A, Condac E, Gutierrez-Sanchez G, Heiss C, Clugston RD, Azadi P, Greer JJ, Bergmann C, Moremen KW, Li D, Linhardt RJ, Esko JD, Wang L
Heparan sulfate deficiency disrupts developmental angiogenesis and causes congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
J Clin Invest 124(1):209-221


Jaworski A, Tessier-Lavigne M
Autocrine/juxtaparacrine regulation of axon fasciculation by Slit-Robo signaling.
Nat Neurosci 15(3):367-369

Jaworski A, Long H, Tessier-Lavigne M
Collaborative and specialized functions of Robo1 and Robo2 in spinal commissural axon guidance.
J Neurosci 30(28):9445-9453

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